Saturday, October 24th from 10:30am to 12pm Pacific

The gender binary does not actually exist, but our beliefs about gender have indelibly shaped the world we move through. Lucie Fielding, therapist, sex educator, and author of the forthcoming book Trans Sex: Clinical Approaches to Trans Sexualities and Erotic Embodiments, will join us to discuss gender as provocation, resistance, empowerment, play, and, most of all, a horizon imbued with possibility.


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Guest Biography:

Lucie Fielding(she/they) is a white, queer, polyamorous, kinky, non-binary femme, and a sex educator as well as a Resident in Counseling, practicing under supervision in Charlottesville, VA. She received her Master’s in Counseling Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute (2018). Lucie also holds a PhD in French from Northwestern University (2008), where she specialized in eighteenth-century literature, histories of sexualities, and erotic literature. Her background in literature and history attunes her to the many ways that image, metaphor, and cultural scripts shape and inform the narratives we carry with us as we move through the world as well as how these narratives inscribe themselves on our bodies. She is the author of Trans Sex: Clinical Approaches to Trans Sexualities and Erotic Embodiments (Routledge, 2021).


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October Donation Recipient 

Gays and Lesbians Living In a Transgender Society (G.L.I.T.S.)

G.L.I.T.S. approaches the health and rights crises faced by transgender sex workers holistically using harm reduction, human rights principles, economic and social justice, along with a commitment to empowerment and pride in finding solutions from our own community. The first issue we address is that of immediate need/crisis support for transgender sex workers, including community members from the NYC area, across the US and globally through supporting asylum seekers from our priority communities. The next issue we address is health care and health resilience for transgender sex workers. We need to address this issue because our community is hypermarginalized and has a profound need for safe sex supplies and free/low cost health to address both trans specific and holistic needs. We currently work on housing since so many in our G.L.I.T.S.’ community are without stable housing, deepening the cycle of disenfranchisement. G.L.I.T.S. also advocates and educates to ensure health, wellness and inclusion of transgender people in our society and to address the stigmatization and criminalization of trans people because of anti-prostitution/anti-sex work laws.

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