Introducing MetaKink!

A fresh offering from KinkAcademy.com

In 2007, Kink Academy revolutionized sex and kink education by bringing together a diverse roster of experts to record their classes broken down into easy to watch video clips. Since then it’s been expanded to over 2,000 videos from over 160 experts. All recorded while we were on location during multi-city tours and at kink conferences around the world.

I’ve kept it going ever since as a passion project, and now, there’s a new way for Kink Academy to highlight even more voices from the sex, kink, gender, and relationship fields.

For years, fascinating freewheeling conversations have been happening organically behind the scenes at Kink Academy videos shoots, in between recording the videos and during set up and break down. These off-the-cuff conversations are exactly what we’ll be bringing to MetaKink, as a new way to help our members get inspired and stay informed.

Introducing, MetaKink!

MetaKink is a monthly video live discussion that features in-depth conversations with thought-leaders, experts, and those with under-platformed perspectives covering topics that go beyond “sex positivity” 101. Following the discussion, we’ll open things up for a live Q&A session where YOU can get your questions answered by those in the know.

Thanks to this new format, I now have even more flexibility in who I can work with which allows me to uplift more marginalized voices and topics in my continued commitment to diversity. 

Starting in July 2020, we’re keeping all the awesome discussions, but making a few logistical changes:

  1. The monthly live discussion will now be open for anyone to join, free of charge. We love having a lively chat box and want to make these conversations available to as many folks as possible.


  1. Access to all previous recording discussions will ONLY be found here on Patreon (not on KinkAcademy.com) with access available for only $5 per month for all currently available recordings.


  1. 100% of the proceeds from the Kink Academy MetaKink Patreon will be donated to a black-led social justice organization, to be chosen each month. There will be full transparency, with the monthly income now set to be viewed publicly, with a screenshot of the donation posted publicly as well.

The Kink Academy motto has always been, “Be Accepted!” and I invite you to find your community here. My mission has always been to provide accessible, playful, vetted information so anyone, anywhere, can enjoy a more informed experience of creative sexuality.

By becoming and remaining a MetaKink supporter on Patreon, you help contribute to crucial causes, all while gaining access to even more kinky goodness.

To all current and future patrons -- THANK YOU! With your support, I can continue to expand these offerings and create even more #KinkyGoodness to help all sexual adventurers on their journey, and that includes YOU!


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BYP100 is a national member-based organization of 18-35 year old activists and organizers creating freedom and justice for all Black people.We do this through building a network focused on transformative leadership development, direct action organizing, advocacy, and political education using a Black queer feminist lens. Project: She Safe We Safe on ending gender based violence Black women and girls experience.



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