Announcing the MetaKink Patreon and Podcast

We are delighted to announce a brand new format of brilliant content coming to in 2020 through our brand new Patreon channel.

Introducing MetaKink

MetaKink is a monthly video discussion hosted by Kink Academy founder Princess Kali, featuring experts on topics in the kink, leather, gender and relationship fields. 

Every MONTHLY DAY at MONTHLY TIME the monthly panelists will have a 90 minutes exchange going in depth to the theme, sharing their expertise and their experiences. followed by a 30 live Q&A exclusively for our Patreon supporters.

The week following the live recording, the full 90 minute discussion (without the Q&A portion) will be added to the extensive library for our members. A specially curated sample will also be added to our Kink Academy Podcast on iTunes each month.

For years, behind the scenes of Kink Academy videos shoots, in between videos and while setting up and breaking down, we have fascinating free-wheeling conversations that happen organically, in between the structured video content. These off-the-cuff conversations are exactly what we’ll be bringing to MetaKink, as a new way to help our members stay inspired and informed.

Committed to diversity

One of the best things about this new format is that thanks to modern technology, the panelists can be from anywhere in the world! Kali is looking for diverse folks to join her for the monthly MetaKink discussions by way of a zoom conference call. She’s especially interested in showcasing marginalized voices, and so invites educators of color, with disabilities and trans and non-binary folks to apply for special consideration.

Panelists must be well versed in the theme/topic, and have previous experience as an educator or respect expert.

Potential topics we’ll be covering in 2020:

  • Long-distance kink relationships
  • Coming out kinky
  • Activism for Sexual Freedom
  • What to do when scenes go wrong
  • Navigating consent
  • Polyamory and non monogamy
  • Disability and kink
  • Mental health and sex

There is a payment for your time. Requires a 30 minute pre-panel video interview.